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Welcome to the GAFM ® International Board of Standards

IBS Certification Board Accredits the GAFM ® Consulting & Offshore Enforcement ! - Going Global Every Day ©

The GAFM ® Council and Certification Board and the independent offshore consulting arm have continued to expand since 1996 . In the past decade, we have approved over 800 accredited business graduate programs worldwide and in next 12 months indicate that we will increase growth by another 100%.. Keeping it Global ©

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Why Get Certified?

Boost your salary with GAFM ® Global Recognized Certification

Our Certifications Maximize Return on Human Potential with ability to increase knowledge, skills, customer service and loyalty.If you are not certified and authenticated by the International Board of Standards and the AAFM ® , then how will employers know if you have achieved accredited education .... ©

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Customized Executive Training

GAFM ® Council provides customized tailored corporate programs in-house to governments and corporations for your teams with the advantage of a recognized global qualifications and registered Professional Development.

The true advantage of AAFM ® in-house GPD Global Professional Development lies in the client and audience specific relevance of the professional development effort.

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Become An Accredited Provider by GAFM ® Board

Show that you meet global certification standards and join our exclusive network

The Certification Board and our global consulting teams recognize the importance of quality professional development standards around the world that help individuals and the Fortune 1000 Corporations take their knowledge, wisdom, credentials, and human capital to the next level.

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Latest GAFM ® News & Members Events

• The United States Patent and Trademark Office Approves GAFM ® Accredited Financial Analyst ® Trademark. European Union Approves CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager ® Trademark -

• GAFM/AAFM agreement with UAE Securites and Commodities Authority

• Board of Standards becomes member of CHEA Quality Group

• GAFM/AAFM opens new Hong Kong Office "The CWM Institute"

• GAFM/AAFM Featured in National Law Journal

• AAFM Board in Alliance with 800 Nationall Accredited Programs

• As seen in The U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration Guides

800 of the Top Masters Degree programs around the world are approved by the AAFM ® Council as qualified for AAFM ® certification education. See hundreds of Level II accredted degree programs and exams that lead to GAFM World Recognized Certifications

Member Testimonial “Certification from GAFM and AAFM ® USA allowed me to win a job over 2000 applicants..


Provider Highlight Union of Arab Securities Regulators and the Government India now recognize the AAFM and our CWM Chartered Weatlh Manager ® Certification Programs - Recognized by the government for compliance & authentication.

It is of great importantce that, once again, we need to bring to the attention of our members that the CWM ® and AFA® are a Federal Trademarks Approved and Protected by the US and EU Government.  See Approval

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Opportunities for Qualified Educational Providers

Global Academy of Finance and Management accredits International Partners / Country Level Training and Enforcement Agents to sustain and promote the standards, quality and international growth. For more information on Partnership opportunities, please CLICK HERE.


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GAFM Partners with High Level Training Institute for Certification Training in Arabia, West Asia and Africa.


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